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Requesting Time Off

Welcome to “Request Time Off” Page!

It looks like you need to take time off! Please read the instructions below to make sure you use the correct “time off form”.


  • In order to request personal time, employees must fill out one of the two forms below.
  • If you need three or more consecutive days, excluding holidays and weekends, please fill out “Vacation Form”; otherwise, fill out “Request Personal Day”.
  • Personal days must be requested a minimum of one week in advance. Maximum personal days per calendar year is four days. 
  • Vacation time must be requested a minimum of three weeks in advance. Maximum vacation time per calendar year is 14 days. 
  • Please keep in mind that this is only a REQUEST. Management will review your petition and evaluate whether it would be possible to grant it. We do our very best to work with you and provide you the flexibility you need keep a healthy work/life balance. However, at times, it is impossible to find a substitute for your class or work-shift due to a variety of circumstances.
  • Please allow us 48 hours to get back to you regarding your request.
  • If substitute information is NOT provided on Request Form, time off will NOT be granted.


  • Office & Preschool Departments: if one employee has requested specific days off, a second request CANNOT be granted.
  • Grade School Department: if two employees have requested specific days off, a third request CANNOT be granted.
  • Note for full time employees: in order to be compensated for a national holiday, an employee must work either the day before or day after said holiday.
  • Requesting “Vacation” time: certain months during the year are extremely busy; therefore, we cannot accept requests for vacation during:
    • June, August, September, October, and January.

In order to look for a substitute, please click the link below where you can access our Employee Directory, you will find contact information for all staff members. If you need advice from a department leader, as to who is capable or may be available to sub, please contact her/him, she/he will be glad to guide you. However, please keep in mind that ONLY you are responsible for finding a substitute teacher for your classes.

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